TRUCKING SECURITY REQUIREMENTS (TSR) – Cargo crime is one of the biggest supply chain challenges for manufacturers of high value, high risk products and their logistics service providers.

The following Trucking Security Requirements (TSR) have been established by security professionals within the high-tech industry to address the nature by which high-tech products and materials are transported by road. The TSR specifies the minimum acceptable security standards for assets traveling throughout the supply chain and the methods to be used in maintaining those standards.

The TSR outlines the processes and specifications for Suppliers to attain TAPA compliance to the TSR on their transport operations. It is the intention of TAPA members to select Suppliers which meet or exceed TAPA TSR compliance requirements. Successful implementation of the TSR is dependent upon Suppliers and Buyers working in concert to accurately interpret, adopt and audit against these requirements.

TAPA members need reputable Telematics partners to provide professional & technically qualified systems to monitor trucks & trailers carrying high value targeted theft (HVTT) cargo. It is imperative that the system & software meets the minimum specifications and provides accurate information and data to an appropriate Control Centre.

Any failure to provide these minimum specifications could result in the control measures being compromised and increase the chances of a theft occurring.

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The Locking Systems Guidance (LSG) document is available to assist members in the identification and selection of suitable locking systems. The LSG is intended to compliment the Trucking Security Requirements Standard.

TAPA TSR Locking Systems Guidance (LSG) (Non-Member)

TAPA TSR Locking Systems Guidance (LSG) (Member)

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