02 October 2015

Dear TAPA APAC Members ,

On behalf of the Board of Directors, TAPA Asia Pacific, we thank you for your support and attendance in the TAPA APAC Phuket Conference, held on the 9th & 10th September 2015. As for our members who were unable to join, we hope you have the opportunity to join us in our coming events in future, where we can meet, greet and gain insights into the mechanism and essentials of handling and mitigating the challenges and threats in the supply chain, now and into the future.

To the participants, we are sure you had a wonderful time at the conference where we converged industrial experts from across the globe with varied expertise to expound on the pertinent topics that the supply chain security is faced with. TAPA APAC conference is defines the security facet in the supply chain. A great traction was made to bring about a change in the right directions towards mitigating risks and aligning our approaches in supply chain security, especially that which is related to freight, facility, warehousing, logistics, transportation and shipping. Apart from this, the conference took a glimpse into the new wave spectrums in security and we hope to expand and qualify this facets in our up-coming TAPA e-magazine with in-depth write-ups for your preview.

We hope that the conference was insightful, landed with many thoughts on the threat and challenges, as well as provided you with information and content for you to disseminate within your organization and among your peers.

To our TAPA Asia Pacific members who attended, you made us proud as the host and you were instrumental in engaging with our international guests from around the world. We also wish to record our appreciation to TAPA EMEA and TAPA Americas for their support and participation. To the rest of our members who were not with us, do join us for the future events which we have envisaged throughout 2016.

I am also pleased to announce that we would extend all the slides of the speakers shared during the conference. Thank you once again for making the TAPA Asia Pacific Supply Chain 2015 Conference, Trainings and Master Classes at Phuket, Thailand, a historic event marked with joy, fun and memorable moments, encapsulating a convergence of great minds which we hope will be the binding force to a definite budding relations and collaborations amongst us and all in touch in and with TAPA Asia Pacific.

Please click onto this link to view and download all the slides of the TAPA Conference in Phuket.

Then insert the password tapa2015 once you are into the page to allow access towards downloading the slides.
Download TAPA Conference Slides
Please let us know where is your preferred destination of liking for the next TAPA Conference in 2016. Survey Title: “Where do you think the next TAPA conference 2016 should take place ?’’ via this link https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/Q5QK9LM
TAPA Conference 2016 Survey
Yes, it is early but we look forward to your presence to make our 2016 TAPA conference even more significant.

Thank you.
Mr. Jason Teo
Conferece Organizing Committee Chairman
TAPA Asia Pacific