2 April 2020

Guest Speaker: Mr. Ramesh Raj, Regional Manager of Pharmaceutical Security Institute (PSI) 

Host: Mr. Tony Lugg, Chairman of TAPA Asia Pacific



With the surge in demand for pharmaceutical products to contain the spread of coronavirus, there has been multiple reports of counterfeit drugs and theft of healthcare products across the world. TAPA APAC Chairman and host, Mr Tony Lugg welcomes invited speaker, Mr Ramesh Raj, Regional Manager of Pharmaceutical Security Institute (PSI) Singapore to share his views and knowledge about supply chain resilience in reducing the growing threat of counterfeit drugs.


  • 0:01:23 – The impacts of coronavirus in the pharmaceutical industry include theft of cargos, security issues and counterfeit products.
  • 0:09:33 – End-to-end supply chain visibility system help to avoid infiltration and security breaches to give an competitive advantage.
  • 0:11:58 – Prescriptive drugs eCommerce operators must know the dos and don'ts, work with brand owners and regulators to lower the risk and avoid penalties for wilful blindness.
  • 0:16:27 – Operation Pangea grew to over hundred of countries to join forces and have stopped more than 100 million units of medication seized and made over 3,000 arrests.
  • 0:21:32 – PSI partners with global organizations including Interpol, FDA and other law enforcement agencies to combat pharmaceutical crime as an on-going effort.
  • 0:23:13 – Customs officers across Asia Pacific countries may be difficult to establish a consistent standards due to infrastructure limitations, differences in technologies and economies.
  • 0:26:30 – Increase in digitization of supply chain and data flow has an two-sided impact - improves supply chain visibility but also brings forth additional security challenges.
  • 0:31:16 – Security of distribution network of pharmaceutical products across markets and borders can be improved through authentication
    technologies, registration of trademarks and other methods.
  • 0:39:15 – Information sharing on counterfeit incidents with law enforcement agencies are updated annually. Collaboration should extend to partnering firms and associations.


About the Speaker


Mr. Ramesh Raj

Regional Director for Asia Pacific, Pharmaceutical Security Institute (PSI)



Mr. Raj served the Singapore Police Force for almost 2 decades and is skilled in the areas of Criminal Intelligence gathering and Investigation into anti-counterfeiting. 

Mr. Raj has a distinguished career with the Health Sciences Authority (HSA), Singapore. He was the Head of the Enforcement Operations Unit overseeing field enforcement activities, surveillance, seizure management and coordinated efforts with other law enforcement agencies (LEAs). His accomplishments included several successfully prosecuted landmark cases involving rouge medical practitioners and counterfeit medical devices. 

His working relationship with international organizations is excellent and dates to 2011 when he was selected as a co-trainer for Interpol and has presented on the challenges of pharmaceutical crime to law enforcement agencies in the Asia Pacific Region for several years.


Email: RRaj@psi-inc.org

PSI Website: www.psi.org