7 September 2020

Guest Speaker:  Mr. Richard Carrick, Chief Executive Director (CEO) of Crime Stoppers Asia

Host: Mr. Steve Mullins, Board Member of TAPA Asia Pacific, Regional Law Enforcement Liaison and Trade Compliance


With nations still under social distancing laws and remote workforce arrangements, COVID-19 continue to prompt large demands on certain products such as foods items and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). While this has brought about greater focus on manufacturing, it has also given rise to increased slavery operations and trafficking schemes to reap profit from high-value items. Often, these slavery operations are masked under manufacturing activities and remain unnoticed for long periods of time.

TAPA APAC podcast invited Mr. Richard Carrick, Chief Executive Director of Crime Stoppers International (Asia), to share his knowledge on human trafficking in supply chains and its linkage with larger networks of organized crime. This episode is hosted by Steve Mullins, Board Member of TAPA Asia Pacific for Regional Law Enforcement Liaison and Trade Compliance.


  • 0:03:14 – CSI collects anonymous information about human trafficking from industry partners and law enforcement agencies. Data will then run through the CSI analytics capabilities against other complimentary databases.
  • 0:06:03 – Gaps in global supply chains and the need to review the possible security and visibility gaps depending on the mode of transportation – road, air, or sea.
  • 0:09:34 – Main techniques of human trafficking involve putting employees into debt from transportation and living expenses, withholding passport, and physical or emotional threats against oneself and their family members.
  • 0:13:21 – Financial red flags and money laundering to hide proceeds of other illicit activities such as drug smuggling, wildlife trading, counterfeits trading.
  • 0:23:28 – TAPA Incident Information Service (IIS) can help to provide cargo crime data information to NGOs like CSI and law enforcement agencies to combat illicit activities.


About the Speaker

Mr. Richard Carrick

Chief Executive Director (CEO), Crime Stoppers Asia

In his current capacity with Barclays Bank PLC, Richard Carrick is responsible for Financial Crime 2nd line of defence Assurance ensuring that Barclay’s Asian businesses, (Corporate & Investment Banking, Wealth & Investment Banking), are in compliance with FCA and local regulatory requirements and to ensure that Asian business are updated in line with industry’s best practices.

He is also responsible for the Financial Crime Intelligence Unit in APAC.
Initiatives undertaken include big data analytics, continuous control monitoring and emerging risks scanning.
Richard has 20 years’ experience covering a broad range of compliance-based roles for banks and consultancy services across Toronto, New York, London, Frankfurt, Hong Kong and Singapore. Areas covered have included sanctions, AML, KYC, fraud, bribery, corruption advisory, target operating models, data analytics, systems selection, regulatory compliance health checks and program implementation. Richard holds a BA Psychology (Canada), an MBA (UK) and a MSc Marketing (New York).

Email: richard.carrick@csasia.org


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