24 April 2020

Guest Speaker: Principal Consultant, Supply Chain Security and Risk Management, EMEA, BSI Group

Host: Mr. Tony Lugg, Chairman of TAPA Asia Pacific



Covid-19 has forced countries to go into lockdowns with travel restrictions and work-from-home arrangements. eCommerce is again faced with a massive increase in demand. Companies are moving into digital retail platforms and direct consumer deliveries through subcontractors and third party logistics providers. TAPA and BSI have collaborated to release the “Final Mile Cargo Theft Report” in response to the new security challenges posed on global supply chains with the rise of eCommerce. David shares the latest insights and trends from the report and the impact of Covid-19 on eCommerce.

  • 0:01:48 - eCommerce has seen a massive growth with increased demand due to COVID-19.
  • 0:06:07 - eRetail sales are becoming into a new norm. Logistic service providers focus on a shift towards delivery services directly to end-consumers instead of store fronts.
  • 0:09:38 - Organizations face new types of organized and opportunistic risks.
  • 0:16:49 - Data shows an increased crimes leading to festive seasons and more "porch pirates" emerging as eCommerce grows.
  • 0:22:46 - Mitigation strategies against last mile cargo theft include employing trusted personnel, education, measures and consistent standards across third-party suppliers and subcontractors.
  • 0:25:46 - 46% of the last mile incidents data in 2019 were mostly pilfered goods from vehicles.
  • 0:36:06 - Root-cause analysis can be done to mitigate the root-cause which significantly outweighs the costs as future losses are prevented.



Download the TAPA BSI Final Mile Cargo Theft Report


About the Speaker

Mr. David Fairnie

Principal Consultant, Supply Chain Security and Risk Management, EMEA, BSI Group

David Fairnie is a senior security executive with over 15 years of international experience across multiple specialist sectors, including Risk Management, Corporate Security, Supply Chain Security, Critical Infrastructure Protection, and Business Development. David has helped public and private sector organizations to manage and mitigate their exposure to risk through effectively transferring in-depth subject matter knowledge empowering professionals to manage risk, creating measurable, scalable and sustainable solutions, and embracing industry standards and best practices.

Email: David.Fairnie@bsigroup.com

BSI Website: www.bsigroup.com


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