11 September 2015

TAPA launches global campaign to grow FSR and TSR certification - Are you on board?

In September, TAPA Asia Pacific is launching a new campaign to increase the number of companies with TAPA Facility Security Requirements (FSR) and Trucking Security Requirements (TSR) certification.
This high profile campaign has a number of objectives:

  • To provide Buyers of transport and logistics services with a wider choice of TAPA certified companies
  • To provide greater recognition for companies that are certified
  • To offer help and support to companies that want to achieve certificationIn 2015, TAPA launched a new self-certification programme for FSR ‘C’ and TSR ‘3’ as an entry level to the TAPA Standards for companies that want to further demonstrate their commitment to supply chain security. We are confident that the majority of the professional transport companies and logistics service providers in the TAPA Asia Pacific membership may already be at, or close to, this level of certification but have yet to complete the audit process.

For TAPA Asia Pacific members choosing the self-certification route, the Association provides free of charge training for in-house auditors and once this is successfully completed, your in-house auditor/s will be able to certify all of your Facilities and Trucking operations to the respective levels ‘C’ and ‘3’. Some of our members are already doing this – and you can too.

To help both Buyer members and non-members identify TAPA certified companies, the campaign will also include:

  • A new Annual Directory of TAPA Asia Pacific certified companies and locations that will be distributed to all TAPA Asia Pacific Buyer members, starting in January 2016
  • A new quarterly ‘Certification Bulletin’ to increase the profile of newly-certified companies
  • A new ‘hot button’ on the TAPA Asia Pacific website to allow members and non-members to ask the Association if their supplier is TAPA certified
  • Press releases to raise industry-awareness of TAPA’s certification programme and certified companies

We believe transport companies and logistics service providers join TAPA because they are serious about supply chain resilience and understand the commercial and reputational benefits that come from ensuring a secure supply chain. As the leading industry standards for Facilities and Trucking, FSR and TSR certification will further endorse your capabilities.

Are you on board?
This first communication is to ask if your company is interested in achieving TAPA certification within the next six months and to ask what information you need us to help you reach your goal. Please email us at self.certification@tapa-apac.org
Jessie Han
Standards Lead                               
TAPA Asia Pacific