30 September 2015

TAPA 2017 Security Standards Submission Request Process

Dear Members,
Following the message I sent earlier this month informing you of the background to the forthcoming Standards revision process, I am now writing to inform you that as from 1st October 2015 the process to make your submission will be open and will remain open until the 30th November 2015.  
 1.Sending in your requests for the WWCCB to consider your changes.

All you need to do is click on the following link CLICK HERE and complete the online submission form which will be directed to your regional change control body. Once you have completed the form and clicked the submit button you will receive an on screen message to confirm that your submission has been received, at the same time you will be invited to make another submission if you wish to do so.

Please note only one submission can be made on any one form and please keep in mind that we cannot accept requests that are unclear or have not been submitted using the official online submission tool.  

As you will appreciate there are many tasks to complete, to revise and create the new 2017 Standards, and the WWCCB feels that the 2 months it has given members to make the submissions should be adequate time to do so, so please note that the submission process will only be open from October 1st 2015, ending November 30th 2015.   

We have appointed a dedicated administrator in each region to collect the requests you send in via the online tool.

Each correctly completed request will be sent to the regional standard working group to review.

The regional standard working group will review and make the first decision on this request for your region.
If the information is not clear then the regional administrator may ask you for more details.

If approved, the request will be sent from the regional standard working group to the WWCCB for final review and approval before being included in the new global Standard.

If the request is declined by the regional standard working group it will be sent back to you via the regional administrator, with the reason why it was declined.

All approved requests, from all 3 regions, will end up in the WWCCB for final review.
Once the submission process is closed and the WWCCB have reviewed all the submissions from a global perspective you will receive notification of the result of your submission(s).
A first draft of all approved changes should be ready to distribute to our members by the end of January 2016, when we shall share the next steps with you.  
So first things first; please send in your requests within the next 2 months and we will work from there.
Once again may I take this opportunity to thank you for your support in this revision of the TAPA Standards  
If you have any question concerning this process please contact us standards@tapa-global.org 

Kind Regards
Paul Linders