Shenzhen BHT upholds commitment to “be a first-class supply chain enterprise in China” as trucked freight security certified by TAPA international standards.


China, Shenzhen – 1 April, 2020 – Shenzhen Bao Heng Tong (BHT), a key logistics company with supply chain across Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan, has announced today that it has achieved Transported Asset Protection Association (TAPA) Trucking Security Requirement (TSR) Level 1 certification for their fleet of 101 operational trucks.

TAPA is an international forum that focuses on reducing losses in supply chains through globally recognised standards, certification audits and real-time supply chain information incident system.

Shenzhen BHT’s decision to attain TAPA TSR standard certification demonstrates their commitment to “be a first-class supply chain enterprise in China” by providing more resilient, secure and efficient supply chain services. To be TAPA TSR compliant, Shenzhen BHT underwent an extensive company-wide audit that reviews the trucking fleet, security controls and processes of the entire trucked freight operations.

TAPA TSR Audit enables Shenzhen BHT to have better visibility and certainty over their supply chain reliability and helps to improve the operational performance of the company. With the implementation of TSR security measures, Shenzhen BHT’s trucking operations have become more robust and resilient in protecting their customers’ assets against losses from cargo crime.

TAPA TSR certified companies have a more resilient supply chain than that of those who do not. Experiences reflects that the operational performance of these companies are able to reduce operational wastage and other related costs. There is no doubt that Shenzhen BHT has achieved this goal with this prestigious certification.” said Tony Lugg, Chairman of TAPA APAC.

Established in 2001, Shenzhen BHT is a key logistics and container transport company with 29 comprehensive logistics service outlets across the country and across Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. It provides integrated supply chain solutions for manufacturing companies and circulation companies, including import and export of sea, land, and air cargo, transit trade, logistics solution design, management consulting, research and development, and other integrated services. Achieving the TAPA TSR certification highlights Shenzhen BHT’s dedication in strengthening their supply chain security and reliability to bring about greater customer satisfaction.