From the leaders in the supply chain resilience and sustainability, TAPA APAC Podcast brings you exclusive discussions with guest speakers on trending topics relating to supply chain resilience and sustainability in each episode, including key insights, strategies and latest updates.

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TAPA Podcast #1: How can Supply Chain Resilience help to reduce the growing threat of counterfeit drugs?

TAPA Podcast #2: How Covid-19 has impacted eCommerce and the New Challenges that Supply Chains Face

TAPA Podcast #3: 103 Deaths! Modern Slavery & the Global Supply Chains – A Complex System of Bribery & Corruption

TAPA Podcast #4: Exploited! Combating Human Trafficking in Asia Supply Chains – A Network of Organised Illicit Crime

TAPA Podcast #5: Be Ready – Training & Recruitment Requirements for Supply Chain Security Professionals

TAPA APAC Podcast #6: Tracking Cargo on the Move – Smart Technology & Data Analytics for Trucking Security