29 September 2020

Guest Speaker: Mr. Tony Richter, Director of Bastian Consulting

Host: Mr. Roger Lee, Board Member of TAPA Asia Pacific



At a macro level, supply chains are now discussed at the strategic more than ever before. Across Asia Pacific, the supply chains are experiencing the key trends from white-collar automation to greater supplier collaboration and digitalizing the supply chain to deal with the diversity stemming from the pandemic. These trends bring about a high demand for supply chain professionals at all levels including security professionals and operational staff for distribution and logistics.

Tony shared about the two key skills required in supply chain professionals - ability to screen and select the right technology vendor and partner, and the ability to analyze and interpret data. With new supply chain changes, Tony and Roger discussed the best practices and key concerns for recruitment and training in the new supply chain.


  • 0:01:11 – Current trends on supply chains: White-collar automation, greater supplier collaboration, decentralizing and digitalizing the supply chain.
  • 0:06:23 – Impact on recruitment of supply chain professionals: vendor selection for technology and ability to analyze data.
  • 0:10:27 – Complexity to select supply chain technologies such as blockchain: Subscription-based services versus cloud-based services
  • 0:13:56 – Value chain recruitment focuses on the entire customer experience and connectivity between business functions to meet customer expectation and need for data exchange.
  • 0:15:45 – Best practices for recruitment: Clear timeline, alignment of skills required between functions and transparency in process.
  • 0:22:02 – Challenges for training the supply chain security professional: Barrier of entry, speed of change, and practical application of theories learned.
  • 0:28:52 – Future outlook for supply chains: Software and technology demand, rise of eCommerce, and transformation of supply chain networks.


About the Speaker


Mr. Tony Richter

Founder and Manager Director, Bastian Consulting

Holding a Masters degree in Supply Chain Management and with seven years experience in Value Chain search, Tony is drawing upon an extensive knowledge base that covers Asia Pacific. His recent tenure in Singapore has cemented his profile in the region with his primary focus being on Value Chain and has also worked extensively across Sales and Finance search assignments. Tony employs an open and transparent communication style that is customer focused and collaborative. His honest approach ensures that results for both the client and candidate are delivered in a dexterous and timely manner.

Email: tony@bconsult.io


About Bastian Consulting

Bastian Consulting connects great companies to extraordinary leaders who share the same vision and hunger for success. Their specialization is in the value chain domain and with over nine years of experience spanning across 11 countries in the Asia Pacific region, Bastian Consulting is proficient in finding the right leader for the right role. They specialize a broad range of industries including FMCG, 3PL, eCommerce, retail, pharmaceutical, software, supply chain, energy & resources, management consulting, intralogistics automation and more.

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