TAPA Philippines Service Centre

23 March 2020


Summary of Philippines situation and Philippines government’s response:

  • Following the 12-Mar-2020 implementation of Metro Manila being placed under community quarantine, effective 17-Mar-2020 until 12-Apr-2020 Luzon-wide "enhanced community quarantine" was declared by the President which is aimed to combat the continuing spread of COVID-19. Mass gatherings are completely prohibited and all means of public transport is no longer allowed to limit the movement of people.
  • All schools in all levels are temporarily prohibited to conduct classes and activities.
  • Work from Home scheme is applied to workers except for skeletal workforce for some government and private companies specifically in food and medicine sectors.
  • The populace's movement is restricted to their homes and they can only go outside to just buy basic needs such as food, medicines and other things needed for sustenance.
  • It also directs stricter social distancing protocols where people going to public places must observe one meter distance apart from each other.
  • Industries in Business Process Outsourcing or call centers as well as export-oriented industries are also allowed to continue their operations as long as they observe social distancing protocols, temporary shelter for their employees and keep up with a skeletal workforce.
  • Hotels and other businesses that provide accommodation are not operational and they are only allowed to lodge foreign guests who have bookings or guests who have long-term leases.

Travel restrictions

  • Traveling through air, sea and land is restricted only to diplomats, uniformed workers and those who do humanitarian work.
  • People who are going outside the Philippines through Luzon are only limited to Overseas Filipino Workers and foreigners.
  • Only Filipino citizens and diplomats with visas issued by the government of the Philippines are the ones who have permission to enter the Philippines through international airports in Luzon provided that they undergo quarantine procedures.


  • Cargoes, farmers and other food producers are not covered by the travel prohibition but they must go through quarantine checkpoints.  Hence, some Logistics companies and trans-forwarders can still operate provided they get exemptions from government authorities.


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