Type of Membership

(Annual Membership is based Calendar Year from 01 January to 31 December)

Membership Inclusive of Admin Fee* Registration Link
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Corporate Lite (CL)

Annual Membership Fee: USD 550*

  • For local SMEs – Small and Medium Size Companies, involved in Manufacturing, Guarding, Logistics or other TAPA Approved Services only
  • This membership includes 1 member slot (one site).
1 Yes Yes Yes 1 USD 25.00 Click Here
Corporate Full (CF)

Annual Membership Fee: USD 1,400*

  • For MNCs-Multi-national Companies, involved in Manufacturing or Logistics
  • This membership includes 3 member slots
  • Additional nominee can be purchased at USD 500 each. Please contact secretariat@tapa-apac.org for assistance.
3 Yes Yes Yes 3 USD 50.00 Click Here
Security Service Provider (SSP)

Annual Membership Fee: USD 1,400*

  • For Companies providing Security Solutions including Insurance, Consultancy and Technologies
  • This membership includes 3 member slots
3 Yes Yes No 3 USD 50.00 Click Here
TAPA Associate Partner (TAP)

No Annual Membership Fee

  • ONLY for TAPA Approved Government Entities, Universities & Academic Partners and Law Enforcement & Customs Partners
  • This membership includes 2 member slots
2 Yes Yes No 2 - Click Here
Independent Audit Body (IAB)

Annual Membership Fee: USD 1,600*

  • ONLY for TAPA Approved Independent Audit Body Companies
  • This membership includes 3 member slots
3 Yes Yes No 3 USD 50.00 Click Here
Associate Member

Annual Membership Fee: USD 10.00*

For Students Only

- Yes Yes No - - -

*Admin Fee applies to new member application and companies lapse membership for more than 1 year.

** For payment via Bank Transfer, please ensure all bank charges (overseas and local) are to be fully borne by applicant/remitter. We seek your understanding that the membership will only activate after full payment is received.

***Kindly note that TAPA APAC has ceased Regional Corporate Membership from year 2017 onwards.

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