TAPA Asia Pacific IIS WhatsApp group

02 November 2015

The TAPA Asia Pacific IIS program was designed to improve the availability and flow of information on crimes against high technology logistics supply chains within industry and between industry and law enforcement agencies.

In our continuous effort to bring the greatest value to our TAPA Asia Pacific members and the law enforcement community, we have created a TAPA Asia Pacific IIS - WhatsApp Group. The benefits of the new IIS WhatsApp Group Include:


• Facilitate rapid dissemination of incident occurrence, which should aide in the investigation and recovery of stolen cargo.
• Improved theft and supply chain disruption alerting notifications from TAPA Asia Pacific
• Greater ability for TAPA Asia Pacific members to report thefts and supply chain disruptions in your local areas
To join the TAPA Asia Pacific IIS WhatsApp Group, please send your name and phone number to:

Ms. Mim:  secretariat@tapa-apac.org
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