Management Committee Year 2012(Board Members)

Narihiko Asou*
TAPA Asia Japan Chapter
Vice Chairperson:
Masaru Imada*, PhD 
TAPA Asia Japan Chapter
Narihiko Asou 
TAPA Asia Japan Chapter
Wataru Futami
Chairperson, Japan Society for Security & Crisis Management Association
Yoshio Fukase 
Assist. General manager of Japan Cargo Tally Corporation
Hiroaki Harushima 
Advisor, Nihon Frozen Foods Inspection Corporation
Toshiaki Kurose
General Manager, Risk Engineering Dept., NKSJ Risk Management Co., Ltd.
Koichi Kobayashi 
Administration Div. Quality Management Dept. NNR Global Logistics Japan
Yasuyuki Kiuchi 
General Manager, Mitsubishi Electric System & Service Engineering Co. Ltd.
Masatoshi Matsuzaki 
General Manager, Shimizu Corporation
Hiroyuki Okada 
Manager of Logistics Promotion Group. Panasonic Corporation
Eiji Isono 
President of ISONO Body Co., Ltd

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