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TAPA Asia Pacific Supply Chain Indonesia Conference 2018

TAPA has advocated as an asset protection association since its inception. Fast forward beyond its 20th aniversary in 2017, TAPA has evolved to an all encompassing organisation whose concern and priority is on high valued theft targeted transported assets from a variety of businesses across the end to end supply chain.

The 18th TAPA Asia Pacific Conference culminating to be the 2018 prestigious event in Asia Pacific is staged at the iconic tourist attraction of Medan, Indonesia. This keynote annual signature congregation of Senior Supply Chain, Operations, Compliance, Security, Risk, Brand Protection and Crisis professionals gathering to an invoking agenda promises to deliver a unique amalgamation of strategic industrial relevant presentations with thought provoking debates at panel sessions. The obvious is the networking of these senior executives, influencers and decision makers with the high profile peers and associates in the fraternity.

The agenda will invoke and spark a new rebalancing into the thinking of the very way practitioners must act and react towards appropriately harnessing and eradicating with firm commitment and assurance that security delivers into the business case as an asset rather than as a liability.

The need to network, collaborate, share familiarities and act to promote new wave ideas among the fraternity will be the focal point of TAPA Medan 2018. We promise to provide unrivalled access to prime information and knowledge, which will be quoted from both the speakers and participants’ experiences, actions and reactions to challenges and threats faced in the region. The right combination from this sharing and exchange is the key to unlocking the many hidden, unprecedented and surprise elements of threat in the supply chain and security architecture that we dwell in.

TAPA Medan Conference 2018

During the week, TAPA Asia Pacific will be staging the 3 days combined training of FSR and TSR on 08-10 October 2018 followed by 2 days of high-geared and totalling propelling conference proceeding on 11-12 October 2018. An event like none other, inspired by thought provoking speakers and innovators. This power packed conference is expected to lead on to continuous links, exchanges and networking opportunities among the attendees.

If you desire to be current and relevant then the learning continues beyond the conference. TAPA endeavour to keep alive the discussion and seek out the solutions to share ideas, benchmark excellence all in the effort to improve transparency, secure the supply chain and protect the brand with constant focus on cost and business benefits. You are going to be in the champions’ think tanks, engage with prolifc panelist and partake in intense debates, thus giving you a dynamic mix of thought leadership, latest tactical, strategic and operational best known practices and methods.

Networking With The Supply Chain Professionals

TAPA Asia Pacific is meticulously working on bringing together the senior management teams and business influencers of the supply chain, compliance, operations, crisis, security, brand and risk professionals in and within the supply chain to forge for this insightful conference. Undeniably, the convergence will witness the active meet and greet with welcomes to the newbies to the fraternity. It is not just exchanging credentials at the TAPA Conference but it is expected to witness the meeting of peers, acknowledging of friends and invoking of great ideas, insightful take aways and setting the aligned architecture for the future resiliency of the supply chain operations, risk, security crisis management and brand protection by the professionals for the professionals and the industry at large.

Benefits Of Attending
  • Build a resilient supply chain for your organization and realise the anticipated ROI.

  • Recognise the latest regulatory compliance architecture and indulge into infusing global certification and international standards achievement to your organization.
  • Align your operations crisis, security and risk management to the latest trends and strategies with focus onto business expectations and business enhancement.
  • Scope into the latest risk enterprise approaches and plug in the business continuity plans and crisis management plans into the security portfolio.
  • Gain insights and participate in the knowledge exchange of the expanding parameters of security management and professional expectations.
  • Engage and recognise the rudiments to employee (human) threats and cap the leaks and weakness towards a dynamically efficient and effective supply chain.

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Conference Program

09:00 AM
Welcoming Remark

Mr. Darly Siregar - Conference Organising Committee

Mr. Tony Lugg - Chairman, TAPA Asia Pacific

The Speaker will expound the need for the watchful eye on the employee, contractors, vendors as well as customers and competitors in the supply chain who with one slight tilt and decision can ruin your brand, siphon your revenue, smash your reputation and spiral your risk exposure. How does security close the door to business disgrace and market humiliation will be the underlying theme of this presentation. Ensuring integrity, safeguarding governance and ensuring customer goodwill will be discussed.

Mr. Andrew Barber - Managing Director

Guest-of-Honor, VIP and TAPA Asia Pacific Board Entire Conference Delegation

The speaker will debate the issues on even-handedness and fair play in the supply chain. He will illustrate on the illicit trade, piracy and counterfeits that uses the same legitimate supply chain modes, nodes and channel. What is being done? What more can be done? How the cohesive and collaborative efforts of both the industry and the government are essential? These and many more are the questions and challenges raised in this presentation.

Mr. Lawrence Low - Head of Sales - Asia Pacific

The Presentation will set the stage on how internet of things has initiated Digitalisation which evolves the end to end supply chain into a completely integrated ecosystem that is fully evident and visibly operating in a technological IT infrastructure to all the players involved in the chain— from the suppliers of raw materials, components, and parts, to the transporters of those supplies, to the storage at third party warehouses and movement of finished goods to the customers. How IOT made easy and at the same time invited new risk, which inflicted and exposed the supply chain security to numerous threats and challenges the cyber intruders exist with and among us. Where are we and what needs to be done to stay ahead in the digital world be the focus of this presentation.

Mr. Prakash Christiansen - Vice President

The speaker will uncover the spectrum of processes and procedure of brand investigations overseas. The interpretations and understanding of local laws versus your origin, regulations, compliances, necessary resources, expertise as well as collaboration and local law enforcement agency’s cooperation will be discussed. You need to have the experience and expertise as well as the empowerment and authorisation to act swiftly and correctly on cases overseas.

Mr. Sanjay Kaushik - Managing Director

The speaker will clarify and expound the generics and fundmentals to put together a case on brand protection and bring about a successful investigation. The presentation will accentuate that every investigation might lead to a criminal proceeding. Meticulous care and caution is needed on all brand investigations. Effectively nailing a case is never an easy task. How did the speaker do it, is the essence of this presentation.

Mr. Nilo and Mr. Pol Comacho - Jr. Managing Partners

Mr. Krishnan Maniam - Regional Investigations, IP and Product Protection Senior Manager

How to stay ahead of the cyber perpetrators and the organised cyber criminals in the supply chain is the focus of this presentation. The need for conscientious effort by the risk, brand and security professionals towards leveraging the strategies to counter and combat the cyber threats and cyber crime will be attention pursued by the speaker. Plugging the leaks and gap will be the intent and ensuring that we cripple the culprits will be the objective that runs through this session.

Mr. Amalan Francis - Regional IT Manager

The Q&A Panel Session will witness the moderator challenging the panelist on how Scrap Handing takes center stage in Business today. The panelist will debate scrap management and what the players do to consolidate and fortify it. The delegates have the opportunity to share their thoughts and also challenge the panelist on their stand and opinion.

Selvaraj B - Regional Infrastructure, Safety & Security Manager

Conference Organising Chairman

Mr. Darly Siregar - Conference Organising Committee

Special Invited Guest

The Speaker will accentuate the need for migration from traditional security perspective to risk managing supply chain and the business. What is the yardstick for risk management and where are businesses today on this? The need to embrace new approaches and acquire proven practices to mitigate risk is now the norm. Will owners be complacent or comply? This is the debate that encapsulates the speaker’s presentation in the opening session of Day 2.

Mr. Grant Strudwick - Vice President

Mr. Baruno Subroto - Advisor Security Strategic Relations and Business Continuity

The presenter professes on the idea of creating the future rather than doing nothing about it. To remain contented is complacency. We need to push for table-top exercises (TTX) on crisis scenarios and disaster recovery plans and business continuity that impact the business. The speaker proposes encapsulating the unforeseen and unprecedented risk in supply chain today and connecting risk and crisis management of the probable shock element of threats and challenges via TTX.

Mr. Iyron Mangakahia - Senior Executive Manager

The speaker will share an overview of the current status and outlook of handling risk and crisis in busines entities today. Whos owns it and what are the attributes and professionalism that entails in this role. The presentation will question the effectiveness of the gatekeeper and the to what level of empowerment is there to act decisively and authoritatively.

Mr. Saiful Mohamad - Digital Forensics Investigations Advisor

The Q&A Panel Session will witness the moderator challenging the panelists on the embedding of Risk Management significantly not just in the supply chain but also making Business Sense today. The panelists will debate on what is the business appetite today and why risk manage the business? The delegates can share their thoughts and also challenge the panelist on their stand and opinion.

Mr. Petri Kelo - Chief Executive Officer Centry Ltd.

What is latest in FSR 2017? Why is this standard much sought after by both buyers and logistics service providers? Where lies the advantage? How uniquely will you be when you acquire the FSR standard into your supply chain? What is the competitive advantage? These are the facets of the standard that will be unveil by the subject matter expert of this presentation.

Mr. Paul Rachmadi - Regional Security Director

The Speaker will quote and cite case studies and examples of problems and weakness of truck and trucking. The answers to fortifying lies with the integration of TSR standard on trucks and the trucking process. The speaker will expound the best known practices, processes and methods and solutions that cascade via the FSR towards exhibiting confidence and trust on whom who engage to secure and care for our valued cargo.

Mr. Nico Basson - Vice President - Regional Head of Security Asia Pacific

The Speaker investigates into the problems of guards management and unveils all the associated challenges, weakness and threats. Yet doing little or nothing to contain and mitigate it is the reality. The presentation will unveil TAPA GSR which was put together to address the current shortcomings in management guards and provides parameters which will make guard security management efficient and effective. The required capabilities, the knowledge capacity and skill expertise of guards are addressed. Simultaneously, what the guard providers as employers need to comply to is also expounded.

Mr. Roger Lee - Director

The Q&A Panel Session will witness the moderator challenging the panelist on the need for TAPA Standards. The panelist will debate on the strength and opportunites of acquiring the TAPA standards. The delegates have the opportunity to seek clarifications on TAPA certification and share their thoughts and also challenge the panelist on their stand and opinion.

Lina Li - Head of Security Asia

Conference Organising Committee

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