Purpose of this GSR Document

This Guarding Security Requirement (GSR) document is the official TAPA Standard secure Guarding services. This Revision is only applicable to the TAPA ASIA APAC region, but may in time be revised to be accepted and promoted in EMEA and AMR regions. GSR is a Standard that can be referenced in agreements between Buyers, Logistics Service Providers, Guarding Operations and/or other Applicants seeking a TAPA Partnership, Certification or a Mutual Recognition Agreement based on TAPA GSR.

In The development of this Standard, TAPA recognizes the multiple differences in how Guarding Security services are provided and that the GSR may apply to all or part of the services provided by a Guarding Operator.


The GSR may apply to the following

  • Guarding Operator owned or operated facilities


Typical users of the TAPA Standards include

  • Buyers of logistics services
  • Logistic Service Providers and associated suppliers
  • Law Enforcement or other government organizations
  • Professional Supply Chain Organizations
GSR 2017 Standard 

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