26 February 2020

Coronavirus infection in Japan has been spreading in various parts of Japan in the last few days.

In particular, infections have been observed in schools, companies, and cluster infections are a concern. All of Primary schools (Hokkaido area, north of Japan) decide to close for about two weeks until the examination is completed.

Source: Kyodo News

In order to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection, in Japan there is a growing trend among major companies to encourage employees to work at different times or take telecommuting. For example, NTT has called on approximately 200,000 employees working in the group to telework and work staggered. He also refrained from gathering with people and encouraged him to use video and teleconferences whenever possible.

The movement to recommend telework to employees has spread to many companies, including Toshiba, Sony, and SoftBank, and efforts are being made to make the system easier to use, such as making telework available to anyone without restriction.

In addition, Mercari, a major company in the Flea Market app, in principle, out of the approximately 1,800 employees of the group, works at the head office in Roppongi, Tokyo, and in principle, teleworks at home, etc., and also travels domestically and overseas Prohibition.

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