1 May 2020

Guest Speaker: Mr. Tony Lugg, Chairman of TAPA Asia Pacific

Host:  Mr Paul Quaglia, Director of APAC Assistance

Email: paul_quaglia@apacassistance.com



Covid-19 has taught us important lessons on supply chain management. Tony highlights the major impact on supply chains as China went into a total lockdown - choke points at suppliers, drastic drop in consumer demand, over capacity in freight and new organized crimes. 

Tony addresses the three key questions in the interview:

  • How are the Supply Chains holding up in the region and indeed globally?
  • What is the extent of impact from reduced air cargo?
  • In the medium-term to long-term, are there specific areas that we should pay attention to as a result of the pandemic?


Listen to the Podcast
  • 0:01:28 - Impact of supply chains due to China's lockdown and travel restrictions
  • 0:03:20 - Custom delays due to reduction in staff levels and newly in place custom policies
  • 0:06:27 - Air rates spike up to 60% due to the drop of passenger airline and hence the reduced capacity on "belly freight"
  • 0:08:55 - Risks on leaving products at ports including food safety, cargo theft and warehouse breakins
  • 0:11:50 - Civil unrest may arise from depression and anger from the citizens if Covid continues
  • 0:15:14 - Organizations need to look at business continuity planning, cyber security on digital transformation and standards for supply chain security
  • 0:17:42 - C-suite executives are twice more likely to be targeted by cyber criminals


About the Speaker

Mr. Tony Lugg

Chairman of TAPA Asia Pacific

Tony is the Director of Logistics Purchasing and Centre of Excellence for Lear Corporation Asia Pacific, the Leading Tier 1 global automotive manufacturer ranked #148 on the Fortune 500, for its Seating (JIT) & E-Systems Divisions across Asia Pacific and global distribution, sequencing & warehousing. Tony also sits on the Emeritus Council of Advisors for Supply Chain Asia.

Email: tony.lugg@tapa-apac.org


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