02 June 2017
Dear TAPA Asia Pacific Members in China, 
With regards to the developing actions of TAPA Asia Pacific to be in compliant to the new NGO Management law which has come to effect January, 2017, we are taking every due actions to register TAPA Asia Pacific in accordance to the new law and TAPA Members in China can be rest assured that your position and interest is our primary focus in our initiative. TAPA Asia Pacific Board would like to reassure you that business remains and will proceed as normal. Your membership, auditing and certification will not be affected. 
To express our understanding and sincerity:
1) Unutilized training and conference entitlements in 2017 will be able to carry forward to next year, 2018.
2) TAPA FSR and TSR training schedules for 2017 have been announced and are listed on TAPA Asia Pacific website. Classes are planned across Asia Pacific and members can register any of the classes of their preference. Please visit TAPA Asia Pacific website for full list of the training schedule at www.TAPA-APAC.org 
We have planned additional classes in Hong Kong. Following are the training dates in Hong Kong and the language which will be conducted in:
a) FSR 2017 = 17 - 18 May 2017 (Cantonese Class Language)
b) FSR 2017 = 11 - 12 Jul 2017   (Mandarin Class Language)
c) FSR 2017 = 09 - 10 Oct 2017   (English Class Language)
d) TSR 2017 = 28 - 29 Jun 2017  (Cantonese Class Language)
e) TSR 2017 = 22 - 23 Aug 2017 (Mandarin Class Language)
3) We are now in the process of translating the latest FSR and TSR 2017 standards in Chinese, which forecast to be completed and made available to members in May. In a further new development, the TAPA Asia Pacific brochure and training material will also be translated in to Chinese. Furthermore, the specific brochures relating to Hi-tech, Electronic, Retail and on so will soon be available in Chinese for all members. 
4) TAPA Asia Pacific Secretariat Team is capable to communicate in both Mandarin and English. They are reachable by the following methods: 
Office Hours : 09:00am - 05:00pm, Monday - Friday (exclude public holiday)
Hotline : +65 6514 9648
Email : Mr. Derick Ding - derick.ding@tapa-apac.org,  Ms. Vicky Tan - vicky@tapa-apac.org
WeChat ID : derickding
WhatsApp # : +65 94555441  
Thank you.
Acting for and on behalf of the Board of Directors
TAPA Asia Pacific









a)2017年5月17~18日    FSR 2017 (广东话)

b)2017年7月11~12日    FSR 2017 (普通话)

c)2017年10月09~10日  FSR 2017 (英语)

d)2017年6月28~29日    TSR 2017 (广东话)
e)2017年8月22~39日    TSR 2017 (普通话)


3)我们目前正在将2017版翻译FSR和TSR 201成中文,预测在今年五月份可以完成。一旦完成,我们会马上通知您并且将中文版上传上载到TAPA亚太官方网站。除此之外,我们也会将其它TAPA手册翻译成中文让会员使用。


4) FSR 和TSR的普通话课程将会全程使用中文版本的培训教材。


办公时间   : 09:00am - 05:00pm,星期一至五 (公众假期除外)
电话热线  : +65 6514 9648
电子邮件 : Mr. Derick Ding(陈先生)- derick.ding@tapa-apac.org,Ms. Vicky Tan(陈小姐)- vicky@tapa-apac.org
WeChat ID : derickding
WhatsApp  : +65 94555441 (Mr. Derick Ding, 陈先生)