11 July 2017

Dear TAPA Asia Pacific Members,

In pursuant to the Law of the People's Republic of China on Administration of Activities of Overseas Nongovernmental Organizations in the Mainland of China (the "NGO Management Law") which has taken effect on January 1st, 2017. All activities of overseas non-governmental organizations in the PRC shall be subject to the NGO Management Law.

In order to continue to contribute to the supply chain industry and members of TAPA in China, TAPA Asia Pacific has to take immediate actions to be compliance with the NGO Management Law. As such the following actions has to be put in place:

1) Effective 22 Feb 2017, Shanghai Credit Information Service Co. Ltd (hereinafter referred to as "SCIS"), will be relinquished as the TAPA China Chapter representative office in China. TAPA Asia Pacific Secretariat Headquarters based in Singapore will assume all direct responsibility for all operations, administration, contacts, coordination and liaison of membership communication, information and updates. With this transition, SCIS and/or its representatives will no longer provide chapter services and support functions to members in China.

2) The TAPA China Chapter Members who have renewed their 2017 TAPA membership with SCIS, please exercise the option to have your 2017 TAPA membership renewal fees paid to SCIS to be duly refunded to you in line with the status of SCIS being a private entity. As prescribed in the new NGO Management Law which prohibit monies to be collected on behalf of a foreign NGO in this case, TAPA Asia Pacific, SCIS can no longer be responsible, collect or hold money on behalf of TAPA Asia Pacific. Please instruct your respective Finance Department to initiate correspondence to SCIS to return the membership fee. Attached is the letter instructing SCIS to refund all 2017 membership fees to members.

3) The TAPA China Chapter Members who have yet to renew or are intending to make payments for their renewal, we ask that you hold all renewal processing and payment to SCIS. TAPA Asia Pacific Secretariat will follow up with you on your membership renewal process. 

If you have any questions during this transition on the above advisory, please do not hesitate to TAPA Asia Pacific Secretariat. Our secretariat team is able to communicate mandarin and english. 

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Thank you.

Acting for and on behalf of the Board of Directors

TAPA Asia Pacific





1) 自2017年2月22日起,上海信用信息服务有限公司(以下简称"SCIS")不再是TAPA中国分会的代表。SCIS和/或其代表将不再为TAPA中国会员提供任何服务。TAPA亚太将会担任起与所有会员的业务,管理,协调和联系的责任。

2) SCIS不可以代表TAPA在中国收取会费或持有任何TAPA会员的会费和其他费用。TAPA亚太已向SCIS发出书面指示(见邮件附件)要求其立即退回所收到的2017年会费。已向SCIS缴付2017年会费的中国分会会员,请联系SCIS办理会费退回手续。

3) 尚未付款的会员们,我们请您停止与SCIS进行续会和付款手续。TAPA亚太秘书处团队将会跟进您的续会工作。



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