05 December 2014
China, Shanghai

image-triangleRobust Supply Chain Security Best Practices Towards Return of Investment Across The Business

Enhancing the security of the supply chain, fortifying the transport and logistics security network and mitigating the constant threats and challenges are the paramount concerns of supply chain security today. Combining traditional practices of supply chain security which focuses on mitigating risk and threats from terrorism, piracy, hijack and theft has evolved toward robust supply chain security practices which indulgences into data analytics, business intelligence and collective participation across the business supercharges today’s security practices.

Drawing from best practices of supply chain security, implementing stringent security audits and compliance to global standards is fast becoming a definite component in security. TAPA Asia Pacific Supply Chain Security Conference will define how robust supply chain security best practices will realize and see to the return of investment across the business.

The speakers are experts in their respective fields of operation and the conference will attempt to synergize the valuable insights from them to visualize the state of supply chain security management today and how it has to evolve in the future.


image-triangle Conference Coverage

Following are the areas of sharing and discussions that the delegates can expected to gain from the conference in implementing the best practices towards a return of investment across the business.

Supply Chain Security Certification And Assessment – The Road Map Towards Security Enhancement.
This presentation will debate on the need for security certification and how importantly this is a vital element in ensuring your cargo integrity be it in storage or movement. Security professional’s daily nightmare is the uncertainty, surprises and sudden threats that surfaces both from within and external. Managing or mitigating these challenges is the very stress point of security effectiveness. The speaker will discuss the advantages and effectiveness of security certification and how it enhances the entire link of the supply chain security.

The Evolving Threats & Challenges – Fortify With Supply Chain Security Best Practices
This presentation gives takes a deep dive into the understanding of how the Supply Chain, Warehousing and Transportation Security has evolved. The speaker will expound the new waves of threats and challenges facing the security professionals and unveils how seriously it complicates reliability and integrity of cargo governance if security is compromised. Recognising the element of surprise in security and the preparedness to mitigate the exposure and risk will have to be defined with relevant supply chain security practices the thin fine line between being prepared or being to late.

Supply Chain Security Enabling And Enhancing Return Of Investment
This presentation will explore how a robust supply chain implementation will bring about a return of investment and directly see to the security outfit becoming a business enabler. Simultaneously the security department will see to the realization of enhancing end-to-end link of the business operations to provide a safe and secure environment for the cargo of the company.

Maximizing Supply Chain Security With Limited Resources And Restricted Budget.
This presentation will discuss the reality of the supply chain security outfit in companies. Today’s status demands providing maximum security possibilities with limited resources and a cut in budget. The speaker will spell out the challenges and obstacles faced by security leaders in most corporations. Adopting and adapting the many best security practices will ensure efficiency and creditability of supply chain security management.

Man, Machine, Method (3M) and Gun, Gate, Guard (3G) in Supply Chain Security – Best Practices
Traditionally security professionals have been strongly engaged in managing man, machine and method. They have been combining these principles together with gun, gate and guard. This presentation will take a deep dive into how the facility and freight getting into the trucks and eventually trucking will be secured by introducing best practices to their supply chain security.

Redefining Supply Chain Security- The Future Road Map – A China Outlook
The presentation will outlay the macro and micro changes and advancement, which has made significant imprints in redefining supply chain security in China. The speaker will explore the current status and provide a projection onto a future road map of supply chain security particular in China juxtapose to the security scenario in Asia Pacific.

The conference will include two sessions of Panel Discussion. Industry leaders are invited to discuss and debate on the following topics together with the conference delegates, looking at the topics from multiple angles.
- Upsizing Supply Chain Security Effectiveness. How Will We Define The Security Road Map Into The Future.
- Robust Supply Chain Security Best Practices Vs Return of Investment


image-triangle Who Should Attend

The conference is designed to address the challenges in supply chain security and how it can be contributing to the business objectives faced by professionals from varies industries, sectors and departments. You should attend if you are involved supply chain operations, security, compliance, audit and risk management.