Dear Members,

The TAPA Asia Pacific Board of Directors (BODs) is comprised of 10 members. All Board of Directors will be elected by current financial TAPA Asia Pacific members. Nominees must be Corporate Full Membership or Security Service Provider Membership with their membership active for the year of 2019.

The BODs must comprises of minimum 50% of Buyer members, maximum 5 Supplier members and maximum 1 Service Provider member. The position of Chairman must be held by a buyer member. All positions, including Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary and other lead roles will be appointed among the elected BODs.

The BOD is responsible to ensure the continuation of the TAPA Vision by working for the industry to affect the reduction of losses in the manufacture, transportation and distribution of our high value products.

All positions on the BOD are voluntary. TAPA Asia Pacific will meet all reasonable travel, accommodation and out of pocket expenses for the undertaking of BOD duties. Where it is expected that expenses will be incurred, prior approval must be sought from the Chairman and Vice-Chairman.

All interested nominees must be passionate about supply chain security, able to commit their time, including overseas travel. Nominees may be required to provide written confirmation from the companies. They should be ideally in the position of responsibility at the country or regional position within their companies.

Any person wishing to stand for the BOD, is preferably an active member for minimum of two years and be sponsored by two paid-up members. BOD members are required to serve and/or lead on a number of sub-committees including: Chapters & Services Centres, IIS, Standards & Training, Audit & Waiver, Regulatory, Secretariat & Membership and WWC Steering Group.

Nomination for the TAPA Asia Pacific Board of Directors are now closed.

Please be informed that this nomination is only applicable to existing available position of the current Board. The term of all BOD positions is for three years and expires at the end of the calendar year 2022.

Only one representative from each company can stand for the election.

Nomination is to be submitted the following documents to the Secretariat of TAPA Asia Pacific between the periods of 17 August 2019 to 16 September 2019 (CLOSED).

  1. Nomination Form
  2. Profile (not more than 200 words and in English in Word Format) with recent photograph
  3. Supporting documents if applicable (letter of confirmation from company, etc.)

Nominees are required to submit to Secretariat at secretariat@tapa-apac.org before or on 16 September 2019 (CLOSED).

Any incomplete or inappropriate submission will not be processed. TAPA Asia Pacific BOD has appointed the Secretariat to manage the election process.

Kindly be informed that the Election Date is on 30 September 2019.

Online Election Voting

Nominee profiles will be sent to all TAPA Asia Pacific active members prior to the schedule Election Date and will be posted on the TAPA Asia Pacific website at http://www.tapa-apac.org.

Kindly contact Ms. Kathryn Yong at secretariat@tapa-apac.org or Tel: (65) 6950 6808 for the nomination form and more information.

Warmest Regards,
TAPA Asia Pacific